With a one-time donation to the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, your name, loved one, or company name will be memorialized on an engraved brick on the pathways surrounding the Defenders Deck and Warrior gathering spaces at Freedom Station III.


“Justice Defender”

Brick –  $250 / $500

The engraved bricks are literally the foundation of Freedom Station III and the heart of the complex.  Your brick will be seen daily by the men and women who you support.

Sizes of Engraved Bricks Offered:

·      Medium – $250 Engraved Brick (8″ x 8″) | 675 bricks available | 3 Lines with 15 Characters per line
·      Large – $500 Engraved Brick (12″ x 12″) | 675 bricks available | 5 Lines with 18 Characters per line

“It’s Easy to Buy a Brick!”

  1. Select Brick.
    Click on button for the brick you want.
  1. Fill-out Form.
    Input your personal information, the name or message to appear on your brick, payment method and submit.
  1. Email Confirmation.
    An email confirming your purchase will be sent to email address provided

Thank you for your continued support.

Warrior Foundation Freedom Station