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Thank you so much for honoring these courageous men and women for their selfless acts of heroism; which preserves our nation's freedoms.  We would be honored to be part of your effort to donate to the Military Men and Women of our community.  We want you to know that all of your donations will go directly to our Warriors, we are an all volunteer staff and we do not take a salary.  We are proud of the very direct way we are able to support the men and women who have been injured in service to this great country.  We vow to be good stewards with your generous donation and will ensure that all donations will improve the quality of life for our Warriors.

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Donations can be made for a particular cause or event. Donations can also be made in lieu of a
wedding gift or flowers, or in the name of a person who's passed away.

Your donation to the Warrior Foundation may be tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor, to receive a tax deduction, you will need the proper documentation when filing your income tax returns. The IRS requires a receipt for each tax-deductible contribution of $250 or more.

The Warrior Foundation~Freedom Station is a Non-Profit 501c3.

Donations for Disabled Veterans

Wolfpack basketball players with a Warrior Foundation volunteerAs a 501(c)3 organization with an all-volunteer staff, The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station relies on your donations for disabled veterans, injured, ill and active service members who rely on our help in their transitions from military to civilian life. Your help allows us to continue to provide the warriors we serve with the resources and support they so rightfully deserve in order to live productive, healthy and happy lives in American society. Your donation goes toward providing the highest level of care and support our warriors require. You can learn more about our organization’s financial practices by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about how your donations for disabled veterans we assist help support our warriors please click here, and we welcome you to contact us directly with any questions you have.