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At Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station, we know that true success is measured by our ability to make a measurable and lasting impact on our warriors’ lives. 
We are privileged every day to help change the lives of so many of our injured – whether it is a place to call home, an ultra light wheelchair, or help enrolling in college. We are also honored to be there in the quiet moments that really matter – providing a shoulder to lean on, an outstretched hand or words of encouragement. No matter what path they choose, one thing is certain. The team at Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station is bound and determined that the futures of our service members will be bright. We are doing everything in our power to support their recovery needs, ease the transition to civilian life, and prepare them for success in their future endeavors.

“What I want people to learn from my experience is how special we are as a nation - where our warriors can go out and defend our country, our way of living and our freedom - and if they are so unfortunate as to suffer various injuries as I and many Marines, soldiers, sailors and Airmen have, that we’re not coming home to an empty hand. We have groups like Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station that are ready to be there, to meet guys on that dark path, to act as lamplighters, to help share that burden and that load. It’s been such a tremendous outpouring of support coming back from the get go that has really encouraged me and enabled me to climb Mount Kilamanjaro a year and a half after injury. I became the first bomb tech in the Dept. of Defense that lost both legs to return to work. All these things have been nurtured and encouraged and fueled by the support of the community and groups like Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station. They just have our back and show that great things are still possible.” - Sgt Mark Zambon, USMC (ret)

PovasMiknaitis“My journey in the military was an amazing experience filled with both victories and hardships. When you serve, you understand the risks you signed up for, but you can never prepare yourself for how much injuries will change your life. Through it all, Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station has been like a second family to me. The daunting process of recovering and transitioning to civilian life was so much easier thanks to the existence of a place like Freedom Station. This model and this philosophy works – it has helped me and countless fellow warriors to transition in a positive way, with a caring and compassionate support system that is always there.” - Sgt. Povas Miknaitis, USMC (ret.)




ChadHosch“Thank you for the fishing trip!  It was a blast. I needed to be out on the water more than I knew. It was so therapeutic and revitalizing. Everyone was really cool, the crew was awesome, and the cook was amazing. Thank you for all you do!” - Chad Lee Hosch







Junior“Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station means a lot to me, and I am blessed and honored to be part of this great organization. Every Christmas, they left a goody bag by my bed to let me know that I was not forgotten. When it came time to transition, I learned about Freedom Station. The wonderful people at WFFS moved me in, and little did I know how big of a blessing it would be. The board members, volunteers and everyone involved go above and beyond to help service members and make sure we are taken care of. From decorating the barracks for Christmas and flying warriors home for the holidays, to supporting the Wolfpack wheelchair basketball team at Naval Medical Center San Diego, Warrior Foundation has touched the lives of as many injured warriors as they can. I know that I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to all who make this possible. Thank you for helping me in my time of need and enabling me to begin my transition one day at a time.” - Hospital Corpsman Junior Rodriguez, USN (ret.)




BronsonMak“When I was told that I was not fit for active duty anymore, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. There was always the option to return home to Los Angeles, but what good would that be if I didn't have a solid support system? The staff and volunteers have been the bedrock of my transition. They will set aside the things they're doing at the moment to make sure the warriors are taken care of. Not only does Warrior Foundation help direct me down the right path during my transition, they also provide a great environment for me to pursue my degree and my passion to surf. Knowing that I have amazing people on my side makes a world of difference!” - Bronson Mak




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It’s never been easier to give back to America’s injured warriors. Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station has joined the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world’s largest workplace charity program! During the campaign season (September 1- December 15), all federal civilian employees and military donors can pledge a specific amount that will be automatically collected via monthly payroll deduction.


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