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The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station of San Diego

a wounded solider receiving quality of life itemsInjured service members make the ultimate sacrifice by consciously putting their bodies, minds and lives in harm’s way in order to protect and defend our freedom. The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station of San Diego sees the trauma and tragedy firsthand our injured warriors endure in the aftermath of horrifyingly brutal combat situations. These courageous young men and women face already uncertain futures made cloudier by having to relearn basic life skills, motor functions and other things many civlians take for granted.

Geographic distance and financial constraints cause many loved ones to be unable to support their warriors on the most arduous journey they will ever endure. This is why we provide health related quality of life items that add comfort and security to our warriors recovering from injuries sustained the line of combat. The financial and logistical support we provide allows our injured warriors and their loved ones to focus solely on the recovery process.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help donate health related quality of life items to our injured warriors, please learn about the various ways you can support The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station of San Diego....


Health Related Quality of Life Items

The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station provides a wide variety of health related quality of life items to help care for our wounded soldiers. All health related quality of life items are purchased with the generous donations we receive. Some of these items include:

  • Ultra light wheelchairs
  • Pallets of bottled water and food items
  • ExoSym™ leg braces for warriors with lower limb injuries
  • iPads with specialized applications for those with PTS and TBI
  • High quality pillows, pillow cases, blankets and bath towels for the hospital
  • Modified combat boots with built-in zippers to accommodate prosthetic limbs
  • Airfare, hotel rooms and rental cars for visiting families (we arrange and cover all financial and logistical needs so they can simply focus on their warrior’s recovery)

If you would like to help care for our wounded soldiers, we welcome you to contact us to learn more.


Help Care for our Wounded Soldiers


a group of happy soldiers and Warrior Foundation volunteers

We believe because we benefit from the fruits of their labors, we must care for our wounded soldiers when entering harm’s way has rendered them unable to care for themselves for varying periods of time. There are several ways you can help us help care for our wounded soldiers:

  1. Make a one time or recurring monetary gift
  2. Allotments, securities or gifts
  3. Volunteer your time and talents
  4. Donate a vehicle that flies, floats or drives

If you live in southern California and want to become actively involved, we are always on the lookout for dedicated, passionate people who want to help care for our wounded soldiers. Volunteering with an injured soldiers charity in San Diego like Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station (link to volunteer application page here) is a great way to support the warriors who sacrifice so much for us, while meeting many interesting people and having a great time (link to Main Mene Events page here) in the process!


Injured Soldiers Charity in San Diego

The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station is proud to be the injured soldiers charity in San Diego that puts the needs and desires of our injured warriors first. As a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, we rely on your generosity to help disabled veterans, injured, ill and active service members in their transitions from military to civilian life.

Your donation is the bridge to connecting seriously injured soldiers and their loved ones during the most critically vulnerable time in all of their lives. It also helps to provide many other health related quality of life items and with them, a ray of hope in the life of the warriors who have sacrificed so very much for each and every one of us. Please help us help them by making a donation…. and we welcome to you contact us to learn more.


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