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The Warriors We Serve

During National Military Appreciation Month, we continue giving recognition and appreciation to our behind-the-scenes movers and shakers. We are proud to recognize Sandy Moul, Director of Communications and Development for the foundation. As a strong visionary, she is able to illustrate to our volunteers, donors and others the issues that are so intensely important regarding the needs of our ill and injured warriors. Sandy has a clear and positive understanding of our military and the battles they work to overcome after their injuries. Sandy has been a highly valued member of our board for twelve years and always finds time to work one on one with any warrior who walks through her door. She absolutely excels in her professional field as well as excelling as a patriotic, warm, caring and classy lady.

“You all knew that some things are worth dying for. One's country is worth dying for, and democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man. All of you loved liberty. All of you were willing to fight tyranny, and you knew the people of your countries were behind you. Here, in this place where the West held together, let us make a vow to our dead. Let us show them by our actions that we understand what they died for. Let our actions say to them the words for which Matthew Ridgway listened: 'I will not fail thee nor forsake thee.' Strengthened by their courage, heartened by their valor, and borne by their memory, let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died.” - President Ronald Reagan Excerpted from His Remarks at the 40th Anniversary Ceremony of the Normandy Invasion, D-day U.S. Ranger Monument, Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France June 6, 1984 To the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station holds you forever in our hearts.

Our National Military Appreciation Month celebration continues with Povas Miknaitis, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. During his deployment, Povas demonstrated heroism beyond measure, helping to save the lives of his fellow teammates. He continues to exemplify the time-honored military values of service, duty and honor long after retiring his uniform in 2012. Povas dedicates his time to positively impacting the lives of injured warriors through his involvement with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. He is a source of pride and inspiration to us and all who are fortunate to know him. Below, Povas shares what made his military service so meaningful. “I’ve always searched for ways to help others through their troubled times. Serving others for the betterment of their life is an utmost passion which I treasure above all. By serving in the Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper, I was considered the guardian angel on the battlefield. I was the eyes, ears and trigger of the front line; making sure our Marines and other service members were safe on every mission. Every day, I went out with the understanding that this could be my last sunset. This could be my last starry sky. But that never mattered because if that’s what it took to stop the horrible atrocities we’ve seen in other countries, I’d do it all over again. If that’s what it took to keep my brothers-in-arms breathing another day, I’d do it all over again. Serving others with my life is the most I could do. Now, it’s so meaningful for me to continue helping my fellow veterans by volunteering with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.” Povas was named the 2019-2020 San Diego County Veteran of the Year by the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park for his outstanding individual service to other veterans and notable contributions to the community.

We continue our National Military Appreciation Month celebration with another behind-the-scenes hero! Meet Judy Sexton, a Warrior Foundation Freedom Station board member who has volunteered with pride, passion and patriotism since our earliest days. This woman does it all. She is "the personal touch," whether it's letting our donors know how much they mean to us, warmly welcoming a new warrior to Freedom Station, supporting our WFFS Cycling Team, or speaking about the foundation at community events. Below, Judy shares what her 15 years of service have meant to her. “I have been a volunteer with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station since 2005 and have to say it is one of the most beautiful journeys I have ever been on. Getting to know the ill and injured warriors, and helping them navigate the bumpy road of healing and transitioning to civilian life, has allowed me to grow as a person and discover my own inner strengths. I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for the military and the selfless men and women who serve. Those who have lost limbs, suffer from post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and other injuries are a beacon of fortitude and attitude. I feel so blessed to know them.” One of Judy's favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill, who said, "We make a living by what we do - we make a life by what we give." She leads by example with her own life, one that is rich in meaning, purpose, altruism and love.

Perseverance: a continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. Our National Military Appreciation Month celebration continues with Chris Luna, Petty Officer Third Class, U.S. Navy (ret.), the epitome of perseverance. When they told Chris he would never run again and have very limited use of his lower leg, his response was "Challenge accepted!!!" Today, Chris not only runs, but he bikes hundreds of miles as a member of the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Cycling Team. Chris shares what serving meant to him. "For me, serving was about joining a giant family that shared the same values, goals and experiences. You take on something that is so much bigger than yourself, something that only a small percentage of the world gets to experience. You’re willing to sacrifice anything and everything, along with being away from your families, but through it all, you still have your uniformed family by your side. I will always love them, be honored to have served with them, and forever hold that bond close. And thanks to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, I was able to stay on active duty after an injury. They customized my boots so I could fit my IDEO brace in uniform, and I was sent back on a tour to the Middle East at full duty. "

Would you like to share your appreciation with our troops during National Military Appreciation Month? If so, simply write a thank you card or letter and mail it to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, and we'll make sure it gets delivered to an injured warrior to brighten his or her day! It's a fun and patriotic project for the whole family, and a wonderful thing to engage your children in during their time at home from school. Please mail cards and letters to: Warrior Foundation Freedom Station National Military Appreciation Month 1223 1/2 28th St., Suite A San Diego, CA 92102 If you have any questions, please email Thank you!

Jaime Baltazar is testing out the modification that Stanley Dean Construction has created at Freedom Station II for our warriors. Jaime's expert suggestions for more adaptions and modifications are greatly appreciated. Freedom Station II will offer the best of the best for our Country's BEST!

(POSTPONED due to precautions surrounding COVID-19. Please check back for updates) 13th Annual Warrior Bass Tournament At Diamond Lake

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