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The Warrior Foundation San Diego Board of Directors

These are the people that give of their time, talents, and treasures to make the Warrior Foundation the success that it is today.

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Back Row: Larry West - Board Member, Craig Blanke - Board Member, Mike Seymour - Vice President, Tom Janecek - Treasure
Front Row: Brian Lehmkuhler - Board Member, Sandy Lehmkuhler - President/Founder, Dian Self - Photographer,
Judy Sexton - Director, Sharon Le Haye - Board Member, Jim Bedinger - Board Member/Finance Committee 

Warrior Foundation Freedom Station
Board of Directors Roster
May 28, 2019

Sandy Lehmkuhler, President/Founder   (1/2011)
Judy Sexton, Chief Operations Officer  (1/2011)
Mike Seymour, Vice President                                                    
Tom Janecek, Treasurer (3/2016)
Col. Gregory Martin, President (4/2019)
Sandy Moul, Communications
Dian Self, Photographer
Brian Lehmkuhler, Board Member  (1/2011)
Rocky Sheng, Board Member  (8/2012)
Vic Tambone, Board Member East Coast
Guy Riddle, Succession Committee Chair  (1/2011)
Jim Bedinger, Board Member Finance  (1/2011)
Juliana Mercer, Chairman-Special Events (6/2013)
Larry West, Board Member
Sharron La Haye, Bookkeeper  (6/2014)
Wes Schermann, Board Member  (9/2018)
Brian Busta, Board Member    (4/2019)
Martha Self, Secretary to the Board (10/2017)

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Logistic Officer

 Warrior Foundation
"Task Force"
Junior Rodriguez
Wolfpack Program Assistant


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