The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station San Diego Board of Directors

These are the people that give of their time, talents, and treasures to make the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station the success that it is today.

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Back Row: Larry West - Board Member, Craig Blanke - Board Member, Mike Seymour - Vice President, Tom Janecek - Treasure
Front Row: Brian Lehmkuhler - Board Member, Sandy Lehmkuhler - CEO/Founder, Dian Self - Photographer,
Judy Sexton - Director, Chief Operations Officer Sharon Le Haye - Board Member, Jim Bedinger - Board Member/Finance Committee 

Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station
Board of Directors Roster
May 28, 2019

Sandy Lehmkuhler, CEO & Founder   (1/2011)
Col. Gregory Martin, President (4/2019)
Judy Sexton, Chief Operations Officer  (1/2011)
Mike Seymour, Vice President                                                    
Tom Janecek, Treasurer (3/2016)
Sandy Moul, Board Member and Communications Chair (10/2012)
Dian Self, Board Member and Photographer
Brian Lehmkuhler, Board Member  (1/2011)
Rocky Sheng, Board Member  (8/2012)
Vic Tambone, Board Member East Coast
Guy Riddle, Succession Committee Chair  (1/2011)
Jim Bedinger, Board Member Finance  (1/2011)
Juliana Mercer, Board Member and Chairman, Special Events 
Larry West, Board Member
Sharron La Haye, Bookkeeper  (6/2014)
Wes Schermann, Board Member  (9/2018)
Brian Busta, Board Member    (4/2019)
Martha Self, Secretary to the Board (10/2017)

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Logistic Officer

 Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station
"Task Force"
Junior Rodriguez
Wolfpack Program Assistant